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I tried to pay for my order via Credit Card but the payment failed. What to do?

There might be several reasons why the payment process might have failed:

1) Some credit cards are not suitable for internet purchases, or usually not entering the CVV code while making a purchase makes the payment invalid.

2) In some kinds of international payments your CC can be blocked for safety reasons (for transfers into foreign countries, etc.). If this is your case, the bank will allow such payments on your request.

3) There is an option to pay for your order via PayPal after signing in to WarchalShop. Even in case that you do not have a PayPal account, there is also an option to pay with a credit card – and according to our experience, it is usually successful. In case you do have a PayPal account, you can change the payment method of your order and pay for it via PayPal. 

I have paid for my order via PayPal but my order still has a "waiting for payment" status.

Sometimes PayPal does not notify us about a payment that has been made on our WarchalShop. This can happen if you do not follow the instructions after the payment process in order to be redirected to WarchalShop correctly (e.g. you press backspace key or close the browser before you are redirected).  

We know about this problem and check our PayPal account on a daily basis to find those payments and match them with particular orders made on WarchalShop. 

If you have not been redirected to our eShop after your payment, please give our WarchalTeam one day to change the status of your order manually. If there is no change of status of your order even after this time, please let us know!

I am a non-EU customer, why was I charged VAT on the invoice?

You do not need to worry, you have not paid any VAT - this tax listed in the invoice was paid by us (you can check the prices with/without VAT on our WarchalShop). Even though we can export outside the EU without the VAT, our strict legislation requires in this case customs clearance to be filed. This procedure costs € 42, so it is quite unprofitable for smaller orders.

This is why we charge our non-EU customers prices without the VAT but we pay this VAT ourselves from our own profit. This is also the reason why the VAT needs to be stated on your invoice, however, it is paid by us. 

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