Terms and Conditions

General information

Seller: Warchal spol. s r.o., Dolná Mičiná 157, 974 01 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Banská Bystrica., File No.: 42245/S, ID No.: 35861525, Tax ID No.: 2021732636, VAT ID No: SK2021732636.

The buyer is a customer who purchases goods at a distance through this online store.

All customers must  be registered on our website to be able to buy our products. 

This e-shop is not intended for trade purchases. If you have a shop please contact either one of our wholesale partners or us here or at

These Terms and Conditions shall take effect towards the buyer by conclusion of purchase.

Trial purchase

We offer a special half price promotion to enable you to choose the strings that suit you best at an affordable price. Only one item of a particular product per customer can be purchased using our special half price promotion. 

You can use our half-price promotion more than once to try different strings from our range. Our half-price promotion can be combined with normal price purchases at any time. For example: buy a Karneol violin set for the half-price this time and when you return to purchase your next Karneol string set at the full price you can order an Amethyst and (or) Brilliant set at the half price. Only sets (not individual strings) are available for the half price. Trial purchase does not apply to Combos since they are already discounted. 

Shipping information

We ship orders within 1-2 business days from the date the order was made. However, please take into account that shipping times may be affected by circumstances beyond our control such as different national holidays. You can choose one of two delivery options, basic air mail and door to door courier service.

If the shipping company confirms that the shipment was lost, we will send you a new parcel at our expense immediately. Please do not accept parcels that have been opened or damaged during transport. In such cases, kindly return the parcel to us, and we will promptly send you a replacement. Please note that if you decide to accept a damaged parcel, we will not be able to reimburse you in case the goods inside are damaged.

1. Basic Air Mail Delivery

Shipping costs are EUR 5.90 to countries within the EU, and EUR 7.90 to countries outside of the EU regardless of the package weight.

This service is not as fast and reliable as the courier delivery. Some of the parcels return back to us. It is usually caused by wrong or incomplete address provided by customer, or if the customer is not staying at the address at the time of delivery. Sometimes the delivery fails, since the customer moves out and forgets to update his address in account.

When choosing this kind of delivery, please do not send us instructions such as “Leave at the front door”. The delivery is conditioned by customer´s signature therefore we cannot influence the delivery process which is applied in your country.

You will get a tracking number and a tracking link together with your order confirmation. The tracking sometimes does not work properly, since the foreign post offices often do not send the relevant data to Slovak Post tracking software. This is why the tracking usually stops at the date when the parcel leaves Slovakia. If you do not get your order within 2 weeks’ time, we recommend you to contact your local post office and refer the tracking number, in order to prevent sending the parcel back to us. The parcel is usually waiting at your local post office, after the postman is unable to reach you at your delivery address.

Delivery times of the Air Mail service are not guaranteed. Slovak post states only expected delivery times. For the majority of overseas destinations, (USA, Canada, Japan..) it is 7-14 working days. For some Asian countries (Malaysia, Singapore) it is 10-14 working days. These delivery times apply only to shipments which are not subject of import customs clearance and are delivered during good weather conditions. Customs officers and special event like hurricanes, floods or pandemic can delay the delivery of your order significantly. According to our experience, the delivery time to the U.S. during the hurricane season can be prolonged to 3 – 4 weeks.  

We resend the orders only in these two cases:

  • If the post office confirms (on the grounds of investigation) that the parcel was lost. This official confirmation can be delivered up to 60 days after a complaint is filed. We file an official complaint if you ask us to do so, however, we cannot file the complaint earlier than 3 weeks from the dispatch of your order.
  • When it returns back to us as undelivered (this can take several weeks). In this case the first delivery was unsucessful, we resend the parcel again at our expenses. We at first contact the customer to verify the address. We do not ship the parcel again before we are able to contact the customer. If the parcel is not delivered successfully even after 2nd delivery try, we can try to send it repeatedly. However, in this case we require payment of the service “repeated delivery” in the sum of € 12.00 (Air Mail delivery for all destinations). If you wish us to send you the parcel repeatedly via door to door service, we require the payment of the current charge of this service € 29 for the EU and € 30 outside the EU). If the parcel cannot be delivered at all, we do not refund the purchase price. To minimize the delivery failure risks you can rather choose the door to door courier delivery.

2. Door To Door Courier Delivery

This service is provided by DHL within the EU and by DHL/UPS outside the EU Shipping costs are EUR 13.99 to countries within the EU, and EUR 24.00 to countries outside the EU regardless of the package weight.

The door to door service is traceable, fast and very reliable. The messenger will contact you to deliver the order even repeatedly. Therefore it is very important that you not only indicate the correct address, but also the correct phone number in your account on warchalshop. If the messenger does not reach you at the given address and cannot reach you even by phone the order is sent back to us. In such case we neither dispatch the order repeatedly at our cost, nor return the payment for your order. We will resend the order only after the transport is paid by the customer again.

Door to door transport companies specify the expected delivery time 4-5 working days for EU and 5-7 working days outside the EU. These times are not guaranteed, and can be even quicker. In any case, door to door service works better and faster than the air mail delivery.

 Privacy policy and Payment security

The customer agrees to provide company Warchal s.r.o. his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data pursuant to § 4 par. 3 point. d) and § 11 of the Law on the protection of personal data and amending certain laws.

Legislative protection of personal data in the EU is very strict. Each customer database must be managed on the basis of security project and registered at the Office for Personal Data Protection. It is an independent state authority which performs the supervision of data protection and contributes to the protection of your fundamental rights and freedoms with regard to processing of your personal data. https://dataprotection.gov.sk/uoou/en. Warchalshop database has been registred under the No. 201501013.

We never swap, share or sell any personal information stored on our database (including email addresses of course). We make every effort in order to keep all personal data safe according to our company´s security project.

We don't have any access to credit card information from our customers. Your payment is made solely on the secured interface of the bank or on the secured PayPal website.

 Guarantees and Return policy

You have the right to return any item for a full refund of the purchase price within 14 days from the day you receive your goods. You do not have to provide a reason for the return providing the products have not been used and are unopened in their original packaging. They must also be sent back in the same condition in which you received from us. Shipping charges and return shipping charges are not refundable. 

If you believe that your string is defective you can return it within two months of the original purchase date. Please send the defective string/s to our address using a registered method of post and include a full description of what you believe to be wrong with the string. We will check the string/s and if we find that there was in fact a defect in the material or defective workmanship, we will send you a replacement. Wear and tear is not covered by this guarantee. 

If you are sending the goods from a country outside of the EU, please mark the package with: “returned item, value of 2 USD”. This will avoid problems with customs clearance. In many countries there is a special customs information label available in post offices which should be affixed to the package. Please keep in mind that if you do not state the value of at least 1 USD, the package it will be declined by Slovak Customs and the parcel will return to your address. 


The customer has the right to contact the seller in order to request rectification (via email to shop@warchal.com) if not satisfied with the way the seller respondes to the complaint or if the customer is convinced that the seller violated his or her rights. In the unlikely event that our Customer care team are unable to resolve your complaint and you are still not satisfied following the conclusion of our complaints handling procedure, or in case you have not received any response within 30-day period of time, then you may refer your complaint to a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution Provider pursuant to Act 391/2015. List of ADR entities is available on the website of the Ministry of Economy (www.mhsr.sk).

Or, you may be eligible to lodge your complaint on the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform which is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/index_en.htm

ADR can be used only by a consumer - a natural person who, in concluding and performing the contract does not act within the scope of his business, employment or occupation. Alternative dispute resolution relates only to disputes between consumers and sellers, arising from a consumer contract or relating to the consumer contract. Alternative dispute resolution relates only to distance contracts. Alternative dispute resolution does not apply to disputes where the value of the dispute does not exceed the amount of EUR 20. ADR entity may require the consumer to pay a fee for initiating an ADR in the maximum amount of 5 EUR including VAT.

 Limitation of liability

Warchal Strings shall not be liable to the customer for any damage or loss resulting from breakage of a string supplied by Warchal Strings. Strings in general may break or snap at any moment and Warchal Strings cannot be held liable for resulting consequences.

 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction 

This contract and the entire legal relations arising therefrom between Warchal s.r.o. and the contracted partner ("customer") are subject to the laws of Slovak Republic to the exclusion of the UN convention of contracts for the international sale of goods (CISG).

Place of fulfilment and exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes from these contracts is Bratislava (Slovakia), as it is not otherwise agreed upon in the confirmation of order.

 Prices and VAT

EU customers will be charged VAT, but do not pay any additional duty or customs costs. 

Customers outside the EU do not pay the VAT. However, they may be liable for customs import duties and taxes.

Please do not be confused by the VAT which can be shown on your invoice, even if you are from a country outside the EU. Due to a strict EU tax legislation, we can export without VAT only provided that we can prove export by CC (customs clearance document). In some cases, the grant of this document can cost us even € 42. It may therefore be very unprofitable for us to request it. In this case, we prefer to pay the VAT for you instead. Anyway, customers outside the EU are charged prices without VAT in any case, what you can always verify Warchal shop, on the webpage of each individual product. 

 Customs fees (applicable for customers in countries outside the EU)

You are responsible for paying import duties (possibly VAT or other taxes if applicable in your country). In some countries (for example the USA) there is no duty on strings though tax may apply. Duty charges vary from country to country. Consult with your local customs office for more details. In case you refuse to accept your order due to unpaid duty or taxes, we will refund you for the goods but we will deduct all fees and shipping costs from the refund that will be charged to us due to re-importation of such order to Slovak Republic.