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We make two cello string sets. If you normally use metal core cello strings both of our sets are a little different to what you might be used to.

We believe strongly that there is a good reason to offer cello players the benefits of synthetic core strings. However there are some differences that you should be aware of. The tone of a synthetic core string may sound less robust close to the ear although projection is good. Synthetic strings are more sensitive to handling and require a few days to achieve tuning stability. In the first few days tuning should be done using the pegs and once stable fine tuners can be used. A synthetic core string is, by its nature, less durable than a metal core string. Though many of our customers do find that our cello strings last for years, if you play for several hours every day we recommend changing them at least twice a year to maintain tonal benefits.

What do you gain by using high quality synthetic core cello strings?

When you use high quality synthetic core strings you are able to create more varied tonal colours and dynamics. Synthetic core strings are more sensitive to bow speed and contact point so you have increased control over the sound that you want to produce. Synthetic core strings also offer a greater range of overtones than metal core strings can produce. Your cello will have a relaxed sound full of overtones that emphasise its unique quality.

What is the difference between Brilliant and Amber set?

Our Brilliant cello string set enables your cello to produce a full, beautiful sound. As its name suggests the sound is bright and brilliant allowing projection to the back of the concert hall. With its lower tension this set is especially good for more delicate or lightly built cellos that can close up in sound with a higher tension set.

Our Amber set offers a bowing experience closer to that of playing metal core strings. The sound is darker and more robust than our Brilliant set and feels more immediately powerful to the player. Amber offers more 'golden' tonal colours and we'd describe the tone as more immediately compelling and serious.