We normally ship strings within 2-3 business days. However, please take into account that shipping times may be affected by circumstances beyond our control such as different national holidays in different countries.

You can choose one of two delivery options, air mail and door to door service.

1. Registrated Air Mail.

Shipping costs are EUR 5.90 to countries within the EU, and EUR 7.90 to countries outside of the EU regardless of the package weight.

This service is relatively reliable, however, a problem may occur occasionally. Some of the parcels return back to us. It is usually caused by wrong or incomplete address provided by customer, or if the customer is not staying at home/work at the time of delivery. Sometimes the delivery fails, since the customer moves out and forgets to update his address in account.

Please do not send us instructions such as “Leave at the front door”. The delivery is conditioned by customer´s signature, we cannot influence the delivery process which is applied in your country.

You will get a tracking number and a tracking link together with your order confirmation. However, the tracking sometimes does not work properly, since the foreign post services often do not send the relevant data to Slovak Post tracking software. This is why the tracking usually stops at the date when the parcel leaves Slovakia. If you do not get your order within 2 weeks’ time, we recommend you to contact your local post office and refer the tracking No., in order to prevent sending the parcel back to us. The parcel is usually waiting at your local post office, after the postman is unable to reach you at your delivery address.

Delivery times of the Air Mail service are not guaranteed. Slovak post states only expected delivery times. For the majority of overseas destinations, (the U.S., Japan) it is 5-7 working days. For some Asian countries (Malaysia, Singapore) it is 10-14 working days. These delivery times apply only to shipments which are not subject of import customs clearance and are delivered during good weather conditions. Customs officers and hurricanes in the first place can delay the delivery of your order significantly. According to our experience, the delivery time to the U.S. during the hurricane season can be prolonged to 3 – 4 weeks.  

We resend you the parcel in these two cases:

  • If the post office confirms (on the grounds of investigation) that the parcel was lost. This official confirmation can be delivered up to 60 days after a complaint is filed. We will file the complaint if you ask us to do so, however, we cannot file the complaint earlier than after 3 weeks from the dispatch of your order.
  • When it returns back to us as undelivered (this can take several weeks). In this case, we send the parcel again at our expenses. We at first contact the customer to verify, if the address is correct. We do not ship the parcel again before we are able to contact the customer. If the parcel is not delivered successfully even after we dispatch it the second time, we can try to send it repeatedly. However, in this case we require payment of the service “repeated delivery” in the sum of € 12.00 (Air Mail delivery for all destinations). If you wish us to send you the parcel repeatedly via door to door service, we require the payment of the current charge of this service € 29 for the EU and € 30 outside the EU). If the parcel cannot be delivered at all we do not refund the purchase price. To minimize the delivery failure risks you can choose the door to door service already during the process of making your order. 


2. Door to Door service.

This service is provided by Der Kurier within the EU and by Der Kurier/UPS outside the EU Shipping costs are EUR 29.00 to countries within the EU, and EUR 30.00 to countries outside the EU regardless of the package weight.

The door to door service is traceable and is very reliable. The messenger is trying to contact you and to deliver the order even repeatedly. Therefore, it is very important that you not only indicate the correct address, but also the correct phone number in your account on warchalshop. If the messenger does not reach you at the given address and cannot reach you even telephonically, the order would be sent back to us. In this case, we neither dispatch the order repeatedly at our cost, nor return the payment for your order. We can resend the order after the transport is paid by the customer again.

If the Post office confirms that the shipment was lost, we will send you a new parcel at our expenses immediately. Please do not accept parcels that have been opened or damaged during the transport apparently. Such parcel will be sent to us and you will be sent the new one.

Door to door Transport Company specifies the expected delivery time 4-5 working days for EU and 5-7 working days outside the EU. These times are not guaranteed. In any case, door to door service works better and faster than air mail.